Tuttle Hill

Camp Hill 3Camp Hill, Nuneaton 2002-2005

Axis acted as architectural and urban design consultants for Lovell Partnerships who won the competition to be involved in phase 1 of this Urban Villages Initiative.

The project, supported by the Princes Foundation, Advantage West Midlands, Touchstone Housing Association and Pride in Camphill involves the construction of 172 homes of mixed tenure including three storey townhouses and bungalow accommodation.

The proposed housing is arranged in high density housing courts with rear parking areas accessed from a pattern of shared surfaces and home zones.

The layout includes the creation of a new avenue linking to the Camphill Village Centre across the Dingle, a linear recreational walkway on the southern edge of the site.

A proposed sustainable drainage system uses balancing ponds and swales to control discharges into the Dingle and the mains drainage system.

The architectural form and identity of Tuttle Hill seeks to recreate the best of local vernacular andthe villages of middle England.

More information can be found at http://www.prideincamphill.co.uk

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