Castle Vale HAT

Castle Vale, Birmingham 1995—2002

Axis have worked on the Castle Vale estate since 1995 on a number of projects from area based, Neighbourhood Strategy consultative design to the detailed design of houses, flats and bungalows.

Sopwith Croft

On both the Sopwith Croft and Watton Green areas we worked from a locally based neighbourhood design office meeting with local residents on an almost daily basis as we formulated the plans for their local areas. In both neighbourhoods we worked from the basis of large scale physical models which evolved as the consultation process moved to a consensus.

The 200, or so, homes Axis designed for the people of Castle Vale have all shared our commitment to extending tenant choice to match, or exceed, the private market. In addition to a wide range of house types numerous internal plan variations and interior design options were available.

The tenants on Sopwith Croft were involved in a computer based customisation exercise which allowed them to spend 500 points across 30 customising options.

Sopwith Croft

Sopwith Croft 3

Sheltered bungalows 1