Pype Hayes Estate

Pype Hayes, Birmingham 1989– present

Pype Hayes consultation

The rebuilding of the Pype Hayes Estate in Birmingham is Axis’s longest-running job. It was a low-rise suburban council estate built in the 1930s, of about 1400 houses. Although the houses were of conventional appearance, they were built of an untested concrete panel system, and by the 1980s it was clear that total demolition was necessary. Axis were brought in by the residents’ action group to prepare an alternative plan, which soon was accepted in place of the official one.

The Axis masterplan, which was developed over several years of intense consultation, shapes a framework for the building of about 1500 houses in several phases by developers and housing associations, the street layout, open spaces, and public facilities.

Pype Hayes housing

A key component of the masterplan is the Residential Design Guidelines, accepted by the City Council as Supplementary Design Guidance, which lays down detailed rules for the design of new housing, to ensure coherence and uniformly high standards.

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  1. Hello my name is rachel wheeldon and I am doing a project which involves the recreation of the Pype Hayes esate. I was hoping you would be able to give me some more information than you do on your website. I would like to know when this project should be finished, if there were any complictation etc.
    I will try to get in contact with you over the phone and I hope that you will be able to answer myquestions, thankyou.

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