New Build

new-buildThe breadth of our experience in the housing field and our design-led approach to the creation of good homes allows us to find solutions to the most challenging of projects. Axis Design has worked for many housing associations, local authorities and private developers. We have provided all levels of architectural service on projects of a varying scale, from small infill sites to whole neighbourhood masterplans. Our work has helped our clients develop some of the most successful affordable housing schemes in the West Midlands and our commitment to continually improving the quality of design in this field has had a lasting impact on the region’s housing projects. Examples of our latest projects can be seen in the New Build housing category.


retrofitOur commitment to energy reductions in the housing sector has also resulted in us taking part in the nation’s drive to tackle improvements to existing housing stock. Our goal has been to radically improve the energy performance of existing properties and provide environmentally friendly, well designed accommodation using techniques and principles that could be repeated on other properties of a similar nature. To meet the reduction in carbon emissions that the housing industry recognizes it must achieve, it is vital we improve the performance of existing properties, rather than focus solely on new build schemes. Our award winning project seeks to share knowledge via a dedicated website. More information can be found in our Retrofit category.

Self Build

We provide architectural services for Self Build projects, either through outline planning applications for developer-led self build schemes, or bespoke solutions for individuals looking to build their own home. 30 years of experience designing homes allows us to offer a wealth of expertise on Self Build projects of all scales. Thanks to our extensive research into PassivHaus, sustainable design is a key factor in the self build projects we have been involved with. In the same way as our larger housing development projects, a collaborative approach to projects of this scale ensures the best outcome for Self Builders. More information can be found in our Self Build category.


consultationOur work has involved close collaboration with residents at every scale on many of our projects, from the masterplanning of highways, public spaces and streets to detailed discussion of house layouts, quality standards, energy performance and aesthetic appearance. We have many years of experience in chairing meetings and holding public consultations that involve a variety of team members and we are also leaders in the use of innovative digital communication techniques. We provide both public and private online tools to improve the co-operation and coordination of other parties. Visit the Consultation category to see how we’ve helped clients and residents in the past.


sustainabilitySustainable design strategies unite all our projects and we offer advice on all aspects of environmentally conscious building design. We have provided consultancy services to clients seeking to make the right decision about the energy reduction principles they should invest in for their buildings. This ranges from dedicated appraisals of housing to test suitability for renewable technology through to research and development in latest construction techniques such as Passivhaus design. We collaborate with expert consultants in environmental design and landscape to ensure we can provide the complete service. More details can be found in the Sustainability category.