Introduction To A New Member Of The Team

The newest member of our team introduces himself:

Hi all, I’m Daniel, the newest person to join Axis Design. I first met the team in the summer of 2011, when I appeared outside the office asking if it would be possible to base my year 3 Office Adoption study on the practice. The team graciously accepted, and over the course of four visits throughout the summer I got to know everyone. A year later, I applied to join the team, and they have again graciously accepted.

I’ve been at Axis for a few months now, having graduated from my Architecture Part 1 course earlier this year, and it has really been quite an eye-opening experience. Working in a team, meeting clients, learning new programs and the practical application of architecture outside of a classroom; there have been some lessons to learn since I joined the team, but I’m enjoying myself, learning new things and meeting new challenges. Everyone’s been really helpful and welcoming in what I hope will be the continuing path of my professional career.

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